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The Legacy: The Scholl Siblings

The LMU’s department of political science is named in memory of Hans and Sophie Scholl. In 1942, the Scholl siblings formed, together with like-minded fellow students, a discussion group that soon evolved into an anti-fascist student association called The White Rose.

weiße Rose

The main activities of The White Rose encompassed the distribution of flyers and leaflets, not only on the LMU’s campus but in Munich and some other cities of the Reich. By calling upon ordinary people to actively resist the Nazi regime, the members of The White Rose have become a symbol of activism in favor of humanity, tolerance, and democracy.

Naming itself after the Scholl siblings, the GSI has appropriated the legacy of The White Rose for itself. According to its avowed mission, research and teaching at the GSI shall be oriented towards the promotion of values such as tolerance and democracy.

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