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„Advanced Discrete Choice Modelling” at the ECPR Winter School in Methods and Techniques, University Bamberg (2 to 9 March 2018). Provided by: Paul. W. Thurner and Ingrid Mauerer


The course "Advanced Discrete Choice Modelling" to be held by Paul W. Thurner and Ingrid Mauerer at the ECPR Winter School in March 2018 introduces to discrete choice modelling using appropriate statistical software packages. Discrete choice models are meanwhile the work-horse in consumer research, transportation economics, and in electoral research. Starting with binary as well as multinomial logit and probit models, the core objective of this course is the application of so-called conditional logit models where both attributes of the alternatives and characteristics of decision makers are taken into account. We provide a formal as well as an intuitive outline of the models. Special attention will be given to the verbal interpretation and visualization of ‘Quantities of Interest’ (e.g., conditional choice probabilities, (cross/direct) elasticities, willingness to accept, etc.). Main application cases are electoral choices in multi-party systems. Easy-to-imitate routines will be provided by a wide range of exercises.

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