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Exposé for a thesis: a handbook

Exposé for a thesis: a handbook

The Exposé, with which you will apply for a Bachelor or Master thesis at the Chair for International Comparative Public Policy, should entail the following aspects of your project:
1. Problem formulation
What’s the topic of your project? In which way is it a relevant problem for political science? Why did you choose this topic?
2. Research question & thesis
What’s the research question of your project? In which context regarding political science would you classify your research question? Do you already have a thesis, how the research question could be answered?
3. State of the art
What is the main literature for your work? What do you already know pertaining to your research question? What is completely new to you?
4. Kind of thesis
Which kind of work is your project going to be? (I.e., Analytical description, theory-driven empirical explanation etc.)
5. Theory
Which theory(s) is your research project based on? Why did you choose it? What could be possible alternatives?
6. Methods
Which method(s) are you going to use, in order to answer your research question? Why these? Which alternative methods would be possible? If your project goes beyond the analysis of secondary literature: Which sources, documents or data should be used? How should these be analysed?

The Exposé shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages and should entail your name and the degree you’re aiming for.