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Article in the "Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties"

Baumann, Markus, Alejandro Ecker und Martin Gross (forthcoming): Party competition and dual accountability in multi-level systems.


Party competition and dual accountability in multi-level systems. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties

Sub-national self-governance is on the rise across European democracies. This increasing decentralization changes party competition in multi-level governance systems, and has broad implications for voters’ ability to assign political responsibility and to hold politicians accountable.

Regarding the interplay between party competition and dual accountability – that is, the attribution of accountability to the relevant level – in multi-level governance systems, the authors propose to distinguish conceptually between an electoral and a governmental arena. Whereas dual accountability in the electoral arena is challenged by varying degrees of party system nationalization, the governmental arena is characterized by a trade-off between the wish for clear-cut dual accountability and the need for political stability.

The authors discuss these challenges in detail and link the various contributions in this special issue to these challenges.

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