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Call for Papers for a panel at ICPP in Singapore

3rd International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP)

28.06.2017 – 30.06.2017

Panel T05P04: Budget Formulation, Budget Administration and the Politics of Resourcing International Organizations

Panel Chairs: Ronny Patz, Klaus H. Goetz (both LMU Munich)

We invite paper proposals from scholars studying public budgeting, budget administration, or the politics of resource mobilization and allocation in international (governmental) organizations (IOs).

The panel intends to contribute to the growing debate on the financing of global public policies through public international organizations. The central question is: What political and administrative dynamics exist within and across IOs when they formulate their budgets or when they mobilize funds to address global or regional challenges – and how can we explain these dynamics?

We therefore encourage submissions that cover, for example, the United Nations (UN) system; regional organizations like the African Union (AU), ASEAN, the European Union (EU) or the Organization of American States (OAS); or more specialized IGOs. Theoretical perspectives could come from Public Policy (e.g. budgeting processes, substantive evolution of budgets), Public Administration (e.g. administration of budgeting inside IOs, administrative leadership in budgeting), International Relations (e.g. member state conflicts over budgets, budgetary challenges of addressing global policies) or combinations of several of them. Papers providing insights across several organizations and/or changes over time within the same IO(s) are particularly encouraged.

We aim to ensure diversity of contributions and of speakers on our panel. Please contact Klaus H. Goetz ( and Ronny Patz ( for any questions or suggestions that you may have before submitting your final proposal.

Deadline for paper proposals: 15 January 2017

Instructions on how to submit a paper (with paper title and a 300-500 words abstract) are provided here:

To submit a paper for this panel, you can also follow this link directly:

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