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Europe’s Strategy Dilemma

Die EU und die Ukraine. Das Dilemma des strategischen Defizits by Dr. Rainer Bühling


Dr. Rainer Buehlings new Book Die EU und die Ukraine is a result of his dissertation project at the chair of Prof. Klaus H. Goetz. 




Since the implementation of the European Security Strategy
in 2003, the Ukraine crisis has been the first security
crisis on the immediate periphery of the European Union.
This study by Rainer Bühling goes in search of the European
Union’s strategy in addressing this crisis. He examines the
integration conflict between Moscow and Brussels over the
Ukraine and describes both the road to the crisis and the
EU’s response to it in detail. In conclusion, he points out that
although the administration of the EU offers a variety of
ways to respond to a crisis, the national sensitivities of the
EU’s member states have taken precedence in this case. This
means that intergovernmental bodies are almost exclusively
dominating the events. The result is an intergovernmental
approach shaped by ad hoc reactions instead of a possible
EU crisis strategy that uses the existing supranational
institutions of the EU’s CFSP and CSDP.