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Dr. phil. Erich Vad

Dr. phil. Erich Vad



Department of Political Science
Chair for International Relations
Oettingenstr. 67
80538 Munich

Office hours:
by arrangement

Curriculum Vitae

Erich Vad ist Lecturer at the Chair for International Relations at Geschwister-Scholl-Institute for Political Science since march 2015. His research focus is foreign affairs and security policy, as well as strategy. He published monographs entitled "Carl von Clausewitz - Seine Bedeutung heute, Mittler und Sohn" (1984) and "Strategie und Sicherheitspolitik" (1996) and in numerous anthologies and journals.

Erich Vad studied History, Social and Political Science and Philosophy at Munich, Münster and Hamburg. He graduated at Wilhelmsuniversity Münster in 1984, the historian Jehuda L. Wallach (Tel Aviv) and Werner Hahlweg (Münster) were his supervisors. In the following he was engaged at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of the Federal Republic Germany, as well as at the Bundeskanzleramt as foreign and security policy advisor. As a lecturer he taught at West European Union (WEU) at Brussels and at University of Löwen in Belgium.

Teaching winter term 2017-18