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Tim Heinkelmann-Wild, M.A.

Tim Heinkelmann-Wild, M.A.



Department of Political Science
Chair for Global Governace and Public Policy
Oettingenstr. 67
80538 Munich

Further Information

Academic Career

  • Since 04.2018: PhD Student, Geschwister-Scholl-Institute for Political Science (GSI), Chair for Global Governance and Public Policy, LMU Munich (supervisors: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Zangl & Prof. Dr. Berthold Rittberger)
  • 10.2015-02.2018: Master of Political Science, LMU Munich (best of the year)
  • 10.2011-09.2015: Bachelor of Political Science and Hitstory, LMU Munich (best of the year)

Professional Experience


  • 07.2016-02.2018: German Academic Scholarship Foundation (“Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes”)
  • 03.2013-07.2014: “Deutschlandstipendium”

Conferences & Workshops 

  • 05.2019: 2019 Biennial Conference of the European Union Studies Association (EUSA), Denver
  • 03.2019: 60th International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention, Toronto
  • 11.2018: Workshop “Bringing Politics into the Study of the European Union”, LMU Munich
  • 07.2018: Workshop “Web Data Collection and Analysis – A Primer to Web Scraping and Text Mining with R”, LMU Munich
  • 06.2018: European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Standing Group on European Union (SGEU) Conference, Sciences Po Paris
  • 03.2018: ECPR Winter School in Methods and Techniques 2018 – “Introduction to MAXQDA – A Qualitative and 
Mixed Methods Data Analysis Software”
  • 10.2017: 5th Conference of the Section “International Relations” of the German Association for Political Science (DVPW), University of Bremen

Publications & Working Papers (selection)

  • 2018: Blame Shifting in the EU. Submitted to a peer-reviewed journal and presented at the ECPR SGEU Conference, Paris (with Bernhard Zangl).
  • 2018: The Past as Prologue? Institutional Resilience and 
the Non-enforcement of Delegation. Working Paper (with Moritz Weiss).
  • 2018: Heroes Welcome! An Exceptional Story of ‘Good’ Refugees in the German War on Terror Discourse. Submitted to a peer-reviewed journal (with Alexander Spencer).
  • 2018: More Control Is Not (Always) Better. Two Modes of Indirect Governance in Rebel Support. Prepared for the ISA Annual Convention, Toronto (with Marius Mehrl).
  • 2018: The European Blame Game. Explaining Public Responsibility Attributions in the European Union.
 In: Kruck, Andreas/Oppermann, Kai/Spencer, Alexander (ed.): Political Mistakes and Policy Failures in International Relations. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (mit Prof. Dr. Berthold Rittberger und 
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Zangl) (website of the publisher)
  • 2018: The Politics of Blame in the European Multi-level System. Prepared for the Workshop “Bringing politics into the study of the European Union”, LMU (with Lisa Kriegmair)
  • The Thesis of ‘New Wars’ in Application on the Civil Wars in Libya and Syria (transl.). In: GSI (ed.): Münchner Beiträge zur Politikwissenschaft, Munich. (online)


  • Winter 2018/2019: “Research Design IR” (with Benjamin Daßler) (LSF)
  • Winter 2018/2019: “War, Peace, Cooperation – Theory Applications in IR” (LSF)
  • Summer 2018: “War, Peace, Cooperation – Theory Applications in IR” (LSF)
  • Winter 2017/2018: “Tutorium for the IR Basic Course” (LSF)