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PD Dr. Andreas Kruck

PD Dr. Andreas Kruck

Senior Lecturer


Department of Political Science
Chair for Global Governace and Public Policy
Oettingenstr. 67
80538 Munich

Room: 173
Phone: 089 2180 9069

Office hours:
Monday, 10.00am-11.00am (in Room 173 or via Zoom)
Please send me an email in advance.


Further Information

Short Bio

Andreas Kruck is a Senior Lecturer ("Akademischer Oberrat a.Z.") in Global Governance and Public Policy at the Geschwister-Scholl-Institute of Political Science. His research focuses on international institutions and private actors in global politics. He studies, among other things, power shifts and institutional change of international institutions, cooptation in international orders, contestation of international institutions, institutional change in indirect governance with private actors, rising powers and private economic standards, and qualitative predictive methods in IR. His empirical expertise is in the fields of international economic and security institutions, non-Western emerging economies, credit rating agencies, financial market regulation, European security-policy making, and private military and security companies.

Andreas Kruck holds a MA of Political Science, Public Law and American Studies from the University of Tübingen (2008) and a PhD from LMU Munich (2014). He obtained the venia legendi for Political Science from LMU Munich in 2022. Previously, he was Assistant Professor ("Akademischer Rat a.Z.") of Global Governance and Public Policy (2014-2022), Co-Speaker of an international research group „Power Shifts and Institutional Change in International Institutions” at LMU's Center for Advanced Studies (2018/19), Guest Professor of International Political Economy at Free University Berlin (2016/17) and Teaching and Research Associate at the University of Tübingen and LMU Munich. His research has been published in journals such as European Journal of International Relations, The Review of International Organizations, Journal of European Public Policy, Contemporary Security Studies, Regulation & Governance, Global Constitutionalism, Global Policy, Global Studies Quarterly, International Theory and others. He is the author of Private Ratings, Public Regulations: Credit Rating Agencies and Global Financial Governance (Palgrave, 2011), co-author of International Organization (Palgrave, 2019, 2012) and has co-edited special issues on the adjustments of international institutions to global power shifts (Global Policy, 2020) and the “regulatory security state” in Europe (Journal of European Public Policy, 2023). He is currently working on projects on cooptation in international orders, rising powers and private economic standards, and qualitative predictive approaches to international institutional change and securitized economic disputes. He is Co-PI (with Moritz Weiss, LMU Munich) of a project on "The Making of National Security: From Contested Complexity to Types of Security States" (funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation).

CV Google ScholarResearchGateVideo: SI "Regulatory Security State in Europe"Project website: "The Making of National Security" 

Recent Publications (see CV for older publications)

Current Teaching

Courses in Summer Term 2024

Supervision of BA/MA Theses

I am happy to supervise BA and MA theses in the field of IR (in particular International Political Economy, International Security Studies, international institutions, nonstate actors in global politics). If you would like to write your thesis under my supervision, please read and follow these guidelines: