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Dr. Harshan Kumarasingham

Dr. Harshan Kumarasingham


Department of Political Science
Chair of Political Systems and European Integration
Oettingenstr. 67
80538 Munich

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Dr. Harshan Kumarasingham is an Alexander-von-Humboldt-Research Fellow at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Klaus H. Goetz (Political Systems and European Integration). He has also held the Smuts Fellowship in Commonwealth Studies at the University of Cambridge and is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London. His most recent work includes the monograph "A Political Legacy of the British Empire – Power and the Parliamentary System in Post Colonial India and Sri Lanka" (London, 2013).

Dr. Kumarasingham is currently editing the papers of constitutional expert Sir Ivor Jennings for Cambridge University Press and completing a volume on Constitution-Making in Asia. Dr. Kumarasingham has a doctorate in Comparative Politics from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and his research covers many areas including decolonisation, the Westminster system across the Commonwealth, state-building, democratisation, executive power, constitutional history and constitutional monarchy. He is Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.