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Oliver Pamp

Dr. Oliver Pamp

Assistant Professor


Department of Political Science
Chair for Empirical Political Research and Policy Analysis
Oettingenstr. 67
80538 Munich

Room: H003
Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 2180-9085
Fax: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 9092

Office hours:
Monday, 11 - 12 h

Further Information

Current Research Topics:

International Arms Trade and Intrastate Conflicts
Political Economy of Military Expenditures
Political Economy of Arms Races

Recent Publications:

Pamp, Oliver, Michael Lebacher, Paul W. Thurner, Eva Ziegler (2021): Explaining destinations and volumes of international arms transfers: A novel network-Heckman-selection model. European Journal of Political Economy, 

Pamp, Oliver, Dendorfer Florian, Thurner, Paul W. (2018): ''Arm Your Friends and Save on Defense? Theory and Empirics of the Impact of Arms Exports on Military Expenditures'', Public Choice, Vol. 177(1), 165-187.

Pamp, Oliver, Rudolph, Lukas , Thurner Paul W. , Mehltretter Andreas, Primus, Simon (2018): ''The Build-up of Coercive Capacities: Arms Imports and the Outbreak of Violent Intrastate Conflicts'', Journal of Peace Research, Vol. 55(4), 430-444.

Pamp, Oliver, Schnellenbach, Jan (2018): ''Finanzpolitik'' in: Mause, Karsten, Müller, Christian and Klaus Schubert (Eds.): Politik und Wirtschaft - Ein integratives Kompendium, Springer, 2018.

Schulze,Christian, Pamp, Oliver, Thurner, Paul W. (2017): ''Economic Incentives and the Effectiveness of Non-Proliferation Norms: German Major Conventional Arms Transfers 1953-2013'', International Studies Quarterly Vol. 61(3), 529-543.

Pamp, Oliver, Thurner Paul W. (2017): ''Trading Arms and the Demand for Military Expenditures: Empirical Explorations Using New SIPRI-Data'', Defense and Peace Economics, Vol. 27(4), 457-472.

Pamp, Oliver (2015): Political Preferences and the Aging of Populations: Political-Economy Explanations of Pension Reform, Springer VS.

Working Papers:

Pamp, Oliver, Thurner, Paul W., Mehltretter, Andreas (2018): ''Arms Races and Multilateral Security: A New Empirical Design''.

Mehltretter, Andreas, Pamp, Oliver, Thurner, Paul W. (2018): ''Arming for Conflict, Arming for Peace? Comparing the Impact of Small Arms and Major Weapons Imports on the Risk of Intrastate Conflicts''.


Methods of Political Science
Quantitative Methods
Intrastate Conflicts and Arms Trade
Game Theory
Formal Political Theory