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Information for final theses (BA/MA)

Information for the application process regarding the final thesis in the field of International Relations

  • In order to write the final thesis in the field of International Relations, you should first choose an advisor amongst those who will be available for mentoring in the upcoming semester (List of advisors is released on the institute’s website)
  • Following your selection, you should inform yourself about the advisor’s research interest and what kind of thesis would be fitting - keeping in mind differences in the methodological, theoretical and empirical background – which lead to different requirements for the exposé.
  • Orientation of form and content can be found here: general guidelines
  • 14 days prior to the official application period for the final thesis, the exposé must be submitted to the chosen advisor (multiple applications are not possible). Late submissions will not be taken into account.
  • If the exposé is accepted, you will get a response within a few working days and should deliver the official application form for the final thesis to the chosen advisor as soon as possible.
  • If the exposé has been rejected, it is an indication that the idea was not yet detailed enough for it to be sufficient for a final thesis. If possible, we would advise to postpone the final thesis to a later date and further work on the topic selection and research strategy, especially by revising the core aspects of the academic methodology and/or by taking the class on Research Design in IR.
  • If the exposé has been rejected, but you nevertheless want or must write the final thesis in the upcoming semester, you can directly apply through the student office. An advisor will be automatically assigned to you.