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Minor in Politicial Science



The Geschwister-Scholl-Institute of Political Science offers a five semester minor in political science. Our minor is non-consecutive, i.e. an undergraduate programme. The minor is limited to nine semesters. The language of instruction is mainly German, although most modules can be studied in English. Sufficient knowledge of written and spoken German is required.


Our minor subject is designed to give you an introduction to the full range of our discipline. As such, you take courses in the three subfields of political science: political theory, political science and international relations. Students of the 60 ECTS minor also receive training in methodology.

Major Subject

Political science as a minor can only be studied in combination with a major. You can choose your major subject from a wide range of options, according to your personal interests. You can find a list of all available majors here.

Studying at LMU Munich

Broad Insight

Our minor subject provides students with a comprehensive insight into our discipline. In combination with the content of your major subject, you will gain an interdisciplinary insight into current issues - both research-oriented and practical in nature. Thanks to the broad training, we also enable you to take up specialized Master's programmes with a political science focus.

Comprehensive Support

Aside from our introductory lectures, the minor is conducted in small seminars from twenty to thirty students. Our study format allows you, in dialogue with fellows students and teachers, to acquire political science knowledge, to apply it to relevant issues, and to test its usability. Organizational support is provided by our study programme coordination.

Application Process

You can find more detailed information on the application process and all required documents here.

Career Prospects

Our minor aims to professional readiness in the sense that graduates can cope with diverse and complex tasks in professional practice within a short period of time due to their knowledge of key qualifications, scientific methods, and their ability to abstract, conretize, and transfer.



If you have any questions about our minor in political science, please contact the responsible study programme coordinator, Mr. Stephan Weltzer.