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Ph.D. Programme in Political Science



The Geschwister-Scholl-Institute of Political Science offers individual doctorates in political science. As dissertation projects are individually supervised, please apply directly to your desired supervising university professor, with whom the topic of your dissertation is to be discussed. After successful completition of the dissertation, the degree Dr. rer. soc. will be awarded.

With an approrpiate research project, you may apply for admission to the structured doctoral programme of the Graduate School of East and Southeast European Studies, a joint programme of LMU Munich and University of Regensburg. The programme is supported by the Germanys Excellence Initiative.


There is not compulsory curriculum for an individual doctorate, but depending on the agreement with your supervisor, you may have to complete certain coursework. It is usually encouraged to take part in courses or interdisciplinary training courses on an individual basis. There is no fixed time frame for completing the doctoral project.

Studying at LMU Munich

Teaching Experience

Doctoral students are given the opportunity to gain initial teaching experience as part of their doctorate. The structure of our bachelor and master programmes allows you to tailor the content of the courses you offer to your research project so that, in addition to teaching experience, you will also gain added value for your doctorate from teaching.

Intensive Training in Methodology

Our professors pay particular attention to intensive training in methodology. Building on your methodological foundations, you will receive further training in qualitative and quantitative methods in order to sharpen your ability to develop and carry out your own research project.

Comprehensive Support

Aside from regular meetings with your supervisor, all professors offer regular colloquia to discuss the progress of the scientific projects conducted at their chair. This format allows you, in dialogue with fellow doctoral candidates, academic staff and your supervisor, to further improve your research project. Organizational support is provided by our study programme coordination. Finally, female doctoral candidates may participate in our mentoring programme Ment15.

International Outlook

Research stays abroad are highly encouraged. We maintain a wide range of international contacts with renowned partner universities from which you can benefit during your doctoral studies. Additionally, our professors are very well connected internationally and will provide you with advice when planning a research semester abroad.

Career Prospects

Naturally, a doctorate in political science offers an excellent basis for a scientific career. As Germanys premier institution for political science, we are uniquely equipped to offer you the support and training needed to start a career in academia, both in Germany and abroad.

Our alumni also enjoy excellent job prospects off campus. Among others, on the staff of factions and parties at municipal, state, federal or European level, international and non-governmental organizations, political and business consulting, press and public relations, human resource and corporate responsibility departments as well as the foreign service.



If you have any questions about individual doctorates, please contact the responsible study programme coordinator, Ms. Lara Waas.

Further information on Ph.D. studies at LMU Munich is provided by the GraduateCenterLMU.