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Master of Arts in Political Science (M.A.)

Study Research-Oriented Political Science

The Geschwister Scholl Institute of Political Science offers a four semester "Master of Arts (M.A.)" course. Our Master Degree Program in Political Science is consecutive, i.e. it builds on a bachelor degree in political science. It is therefore intended for students who have already completed a first academic degree course of at least six semesters, preferably in political science or a related field. The main medium of teaching is German.

Our Master Degree Program in Political Science is based on a clearly structured curriculum characterized by the following special features:

Discipline Specific Focus

The degree course is discipline oriented and is studied without a minor subject (one-subject master degree program, 120 ECTS). A one semester foundation course provides an overview of the three thematic areas of focus (optional subjects) that characterize our master degree program: Theory and Empirics of Democratic Politics, International and European Politics, and Governance and Public Policy. In accordance with your interests you decide on the structure of your further studies: In the second semester you choose two of the three areas of focus. In the third semester you specialize further by deepening your study of one of the two chosen areas, and in the fourth semester you write your master thesis. The program is limited to seven semesters.

Research Orientation

The degree program is research-oriented. Particular attention is paid to the teaching of quantitative and qualitative methods by means of which the student learns to apply theory to empirical reality. In this way you learn to develop and carry out your own research projects.

Intensive Training in Methodology

Parallel to these studies you deepen your knowledge of the methodological foundations of political science. These include, among others, the philosophy of science, qualitative and quantitative methods, and the design of adequate conceptual frameworks for formulating advanced research questions.

Comprehensive Support

Aside from a lecture on the methods of political science the degree course is conducted in small seminars of from ten to thirty students. This study format allows you, in dialogue with fellow students and teachers, to acquire political science knowledge, to apply it to relevant issues, and to test its usability. Organizational support is provided by a degree program coordinator and the student office of the Geschwister-Scholl-Institute of Political Science.

Career Prospects

Our graduates enjoy very good career prospects. Among others, on the staff of law makers, factions, and parties at European, federal, state, and municipal levels, in civic education, associations and foundations, public administrations, NGOs, international organizations, the foreign service, think tanks, political and business consulting, media, press and public relations, as well as in human resources and corporate responsibility departments. Due to its focus on research and on a broad based political science our master degree program also provides an excellent basis for a scientific career.

International Contacts

The Geschwister Scholl Institute of Political Science maintains a wide range of international contacts with renowned partner universities from which you can benefit by participating in study abroad programs. In addition, the following double-degree programs can be studied in English within the masters degree at the Geschwister Scholl Institute of Political Science:


Prior to enrolment you must take part in an aptitude appraisal process which usually includes a written test. This course of study begins each winter semester.


Degree program coordinator and academic study adviser for the Master Degree Program in Political Science is Stephan Weltzer, M.A.