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Minor in Politicial Science

Political Science as a minor subject in bachelor degree programs (60 or 30 ECTS)

Information for applicants and prospective applicants

This course of study begins each winter semester. Applications must arrive by 15 July 2017 (deadline for applications) at Studentenkanlzei or International Office. Here you can find more information about the application procedure:

Studies can be taken up only in the winter semester. The bachelor degree program with political science as a minor subject is offered for 60 or 30 ECTS points. The information sheet of the Central Student Advisory Office (Zentrale Studienberatung) will instruct you concerning which LMU major bachelor degree programs may be studied with a minor in political science.

The bachelor degree program with a minor in political science is designed for a standard study period of five semesters. The obligatory areas of study are in the four political science subdivisions: political theory, methods, political systems and international relations. Initially one takes an introductory module which is followed by the in-depth modules. A maximum of nine major subject semesters are permitted for completing this degree.

In order to matriculate at a higher semester the results of examinations obtained in previous courses of study must be recognized and judged adequate for entry at a higher semester level. Shortly before matriculation, please visit the bachelor degree program coordinator during his office hours and bring the record of your past course assessments, grades, etc. (original documents ) with you.