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Summer Schools and Summer Academies at the GSI


Munich International Summer University at LMU (MISU)

The Geschwister-Scholl-Institute (GSI) is one of the leading political science institutes in Germany. The wide range of courses at the GSI, along with the specialization modules on political theory and political systems, allows to deepen one’s knowledge of International Relations and European Politics. The teaching units at the GSI offer seminars on a regular basis, which illuminate the European Union from the different perspectives of the political science disciplines.

In the context of this core competence and efforts to promote international academic networking, the GSI and Professor Dr. Goetz (Chair of Political Systems and European Integration) developed appealing summer academies on European Studies.

 The topic of all EU Studies Summer and Winter Schools 2023 will be: "Identity Politics in Europe".

The European Studies Summer and Winter Schools offer introductory lectures on the European Union as a preparation for analysing contemporary identity politics in Europe. Participants will acquire expertise on both the EU's history, policy-making processes and policy priorities and discuss how decades of European governance, migration flows, recent crises, and the rise of populist parties impact on European citizens' identity formation, political mobilization and societal conflict. In order to understand how identity politics plays out in different EU member states and the transnational European realm, participants will attend lectures and round-table sessions online or in-person in three different cities.

Please note that Online Summer and Winter Schools will be offered twice a day during the programs allowing participants to either attend morning or evening sessions (Munich time) in light of their respective time zone. For further information, please read the Syllabus and Schedule of the program that you are interested in.