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Double Master Degree with Stockholm University



Stockholms Universitet (SU) and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (LMU) are proud to offer a four semester double master degree in political science. Students successfully participating in the programme will be awarded a Master of Arts (M.A.) from LMU and a Master of Science (M.Sc.) from SU. Our double master degree is consecutive, i.e. it builds on a bachelor degree in political science. It is, therefore, indended for students who have already completed a first academic degree programme of at least six semesters. The programme is limited to seven semesters. The language of instruction is English.


Our degree is discipline oriented and studied without a minor subject. In the first year, all students participating in the programme will follow the curriculum at Stockholm Universitet. For the second year, students transfer to LMU Munich to continue their studies. Students write their master thesis in the fourth semester according to the specifications of LMU, though it is possible to be supervised by a member of the academic staff at SU.

Focus Areas

During your time in Munich, you decide on the strucutre of your studies yourself. You choose two of our three focus areas to deepen your studies. The following focus areas can be choosen:

  • Democratic Politics and Governance: Investigate, for example, how modern democracies react to populist movements or whether democracies can overcome the climate crisis.
  • Global and European Politics: For instance, assess how China's rise to power is challenging the global order and how the European Union is acting in the Ukraine war.
  • Public Policy and Public Administration: Analyze, for example, the development of national and international policies in various areas and the importance of national and international bureaucracies in this context.

You can find a detailed description of our focus areas here.

Studying at LMU Munich

International Experience

Our Double Master's Degree is particularly suitable for students who want to gain international experience. Both Stockholm and Munich offer a wide range of opportunities for further education and development, both on and off campus.

Research Orientation

Our master degree programme is research-oriented. Particular attention is paid to the teaching of quantitative and qualitative methods by means of which the student learns to apply theory to empirical reality. In this way you learn to develop and carry out your own research projects.

Comprehensive Support

Aside from a lecture on the methods of political science the degree course is conducted in small seminars of from ten to thirty students. This study format allows you, in dialogue with fellow students and teachers, to acquire political science knowledge, to apply it to relevant issues, and to test its usability. Organizational support is provided by our study programme coordination.

Application Process

In order to participate in the double degree programme, applicants have to satisfy the academic and admission requirements of both institutions. However, students decide to apply either at SU or LMU Munich.

Stockholms Universitet provides information about its own application procedure on its website.

If you want to apply at LMU Munich, you can find more detailed information on the application process and all required documents here.

Tuition Fees

Students participating in the double master degree programme must pay a semester fee at LMU Munich. For students accepted by LMU Munich and send to Stockholm as an exchange student, SU will not charge any fees. Students accepted by SU must pay the tuition fees at SU.


Double degree students are eligible for ERASMUS+ scholarships and DAAD scholarships during the study period abroad. Furthermore, there are multiple opportunities to secure a scholarship for your time in Germany.

International Outlook

We maintain a wide range of international contacts with renowned partner universities from which you can benefit by participating in study abroad programmes.

Career Prospects

Our double master programme aims at professional readiness in the sense that graduates can cope with diverse and complex tasks in professional practice within a short period of time due to their knowledge of key qualifications, scientific methods, and their ability to abstract, conretize, and transfer.

Due to its focus on research and a broad based education in political science, our double master programme offers an excellent basis for a doctorate and a scientific career.

Our alumni also enjoy excellent job prospects off campus. Among others, on the staff of factions and parties at municipal, state, federal or European level, international and non-governmental organizations, political and business consulting, press and public relations, human resource and corporate responsibility departments as well as the foreign service.



If you have any questions about our double master's degree programme in Political Science with Stockholm Universitet, please contact the responsible study programme coordinator, Ms. Lara Waas.

For administrative support at Stockholms Universitet, please contact