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Fellowships in the CAS Research Group "Exceptional Political Dynamics: Temporality, Turbulence, Transformation"


The Center for Advanced Studies at LMU Munich is a forum for intensive international academic exchange. Its purpose is to promote cooperation with national and international Visiting Fellows who work closely on collaborative projects with LMU professors. In order to intensify cooperation between researchers at LMU Munich and leading experts from other universities, the Center has set up a major program, the CAS Research Groups, and herein offers

Fellowships in the CAS Research Group
"Exceptional Political Dynamics: Temporality, Turbulence, Transformation"

The CAS Research Group "Exceptional Political Dynamics: Temporality, Turbulence, Transformation" was initiated by Professor Klaus H. Goetz (Political Sciences, LMU) and will commence work in October 2019.

The CAS Research Group will investigate exceptional dynamics in political power constellations – local, regional, national, international, transnational, and multi-level - that affect their institutional, organizational, policy and ideational properties. Exceptional dynamics are associated with at least three concepts: temporality, turbulence, and transformation. Temporal understandings highlight time-related features, such as the speed of change; momentum; atypical sequences; compressed durations; and asynchronicity. Dynamics understood as turbulence relate to a broad range of phenomena, such as variability, inconsistency, irregularity, unexpectedness, unpredictability, randomness or seeming "chaos". Transformative understandings direct attention at the depth and extent of change. The CAS Research Group aims to advance our understanding of exceptional dynamics through a research program that combines empirical, conceptual, theoretical, and methodological concerns. It seeks to investigate what form exceptional dynamics take and under what conditions they occur; to build a conceptual map that helps to distinguish different variants of exceptional dynamics; to explore the contributions of different theoretical traditions; and to identify relevant novel methodological tools for researching into dynamics.

The CAS Research Group will bring together internationally renowned researchers who are invited to LMU Munich to contribute to the Group’s research. Applications are welcomed from all the main substantive sub-disciplines of political science, including comparative politics and government; public policy and public administration; international relations; and political theory; cognate disciplines, including political sociology, political communication, political economy, political psychology, and contemporary history; and from experts in methodological advances. Both senior and junior postdoc researchers are encouraged to apply.

The Center for Advanced Studies will provide financial and organizational support for visits of between four weeks and nine months during the period between October 2019 and September 2020. Travel and accommodation will be paid for and an expense allowance or other compensation (according to individual agreement) will be provided to cover operating costs or as recompense for any loss of income sustained. Guests will receive a workspace in the Center and will have access to all its facilities. Visiting researchers will find an open and stimulating research environment in an interdisciplinary setting.

Applications should consist of a brief outline (1-2 pages) of the expertise, field of exchange and intended contribution to the CAS Research Group. Applications should also contain relevant credentials and a résumé including a list of the most recent publications. In order to strengthen the role of women in research, female scholars are strongly encouraged to apply.

For any questions on the CAS Research Groups please contact Dr. Julia Schreiner.

Please submit all the application documents electronically (in one PDF file) by 10 December 2018 to:

Prof. Dr. Klaus H. Goetz
Geschwister-Scholl-Institut für Politikwissenschaft
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Oettingenstraße 67
D-80538 München


Note: Please send your electronic application material combined into one PDF file.

Application deadline is 10 December 2018.