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Information for final theses (BA/MA)

Information for final theses (BA/MA)

- I’m glad that you decided to write your thesis (BA/MA) at my Chair. Before getting in contact with me, please check the GSI-Homepage to make sure if I’m available for supervising the semester in question. Furthermore, I would suggest you take a look at my teaching and research activities in order to assess if our research interests are compatible.
- Please write an exposé and use the following handbook as a guideline. You can find the deadlines on the homepage of the GSI
- You will be promptly noticed if your thesis can be supervised. In that case, send me the application form as soon as possible.
- In case your application should be rejected, it means that your ideas are not yet developed enough for you to be able to write a successful thesis. In this case we suggest you write your thesis the next semester, if possible. Until then, make use of the available time to consolidate your knowledge of the central aspects of scientific work, e.g. by taking part in the seminar “Research Design”.
- In case you decide to write your thesis in the same semester despite the rejection, you can get in touch with the student office and register your thesis there. A supervisor will be automatically assigned to you.