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  • Estimating Voter Transitions using Hybrid Models (Together with Prof. Dr. Helmut Küchenhoff (Dept. of Statistics)
  • Comparative Nuclear Energy Policies
  • Study on comparative policy agendas in 8 West European Countries. Book publication project financed by Thyssen foundation. Directed with Wolfgang C. Müller (Wien)
Surname, First name Title Position
Baccini, Leonardo PhD Research fellow at the Niehaus Center of Princeton University
Binder, Martin Dr. MAPP Manager Communication Research, BASF Ludwigshafen
Lenzi, Veronica PhD cand.
Murau, Steffen Dr.  Research Group Leader in International Political Economy.
Neudorfer, Natascha S. Ph.D. Lecturer University of Birmingham, Birmingham Fellow
Rudolph, Lukas Prof. Dr.  University of Konstanz Department of Politics and Public Administration
Schöning, Norbert Dipl.-Soz. M.A.
Walter-Rogg, Melanie Prof. Dr.  Chair for methods of Political Science at the University of Regensburg