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Bachelor and Master theses, doctoral dissertations

General remarks

Bachelor and Master theses are supported mainly in the fields of Comparative Politics, International Relations, Policy Analysis and the political system of the EU. They should have a clear quantitative and/or formal/mathematical orientation. Our chair has numerous data records from the fields of political sociology, electoral research, comparative politics and international relations.

Topics for Bachelor and Master theses

You can find a list of suggested topics for Bachelor and Master theses here. Here are some examples:

  • Electoral Research (e.g. Abstention, Voting in different countries and contexts (Africa, EU, etc.)
  • International Arms Trade
  • Nuclear Energy Policies
  • Comparative Health Care Systems
  • Discrete Choice Models
  • Network Analysis

If you are interested in writing a BA or MA thesis at our chair, please contact Prof. Thurner.

Selection of theses that were written at our chair

Doctoral Dissertations


Master theses

  • Primus, Simon 2014: Economic Voting in Ghana: An in-depth Study of the economic Factor in African Elections.
  • Rudolph, Lukas 2012: Evaluation of Development Programs: Theory of Quantitative Impact Assessment and its Application to Asset-Based Approach to Poverty Alleviation
  • Mauerer, Ingrid 2011: Issue-Voting bei den deutschen Bundestagswahlen 2002-2009.
  • Hatzold, Alexander 2010: Das Organisationsfeld ”fossile Energieträger (Öl und Gas)”: Zusammenhänge zwischen staatlicher Energieträgerausstattung, Versorgungsbilanz und äquivalenter Positionierung - eine netzwerkanalytische Perspektive.
  • Kauer, Thomas 2010: Die deutsche Kernenergiepolitik 1998–2005: Eine Multi-Level-Governance-Perspektive.
  • Pfefferkorn, Patrick 2010: Hyperlinknetzwerkanalyse der Abgeordneten des 17. Deutschen Bundestag.
  • Schöning, Norbert 2010: Framing von politischen Issues – Ein Experiment.

Bachelor theses

  • Selzer, Mirjam 2012 Mikroanalyse der Wechselwahl
  • Schulte-Cloos, Julia 2013: Empirische Analyse der Twitter-Daten im Zusammenhang mit der Bundestagswahl 2013