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We have compiled a variety of data collections from multiple fields of political science which can be used for seminar papers or final assignments. Further information is included in the list of data collections. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.


R is a popular, free and open source software for data analysis. Updates are provided regularly. More information is available on the R site.

Stata is a flexible statistical software package, widely used in the fields of political science, business, and economics. The Social Science Faculty provides access to most recent version in its Computer Labs (CIP rooms). More information is available on the STATA site.

Ucinet and Visone can be used for networks analysis. You can find more information on Visone and Ucinet here and here.

You can use some of the software mentioned in the CIP-Room. You can also access the software through a remote desktop. More information is available here.